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"Follow us on Social Media for ongoing tips on saving and making money. Don't forget to use our app for extra rewards!"

Receive Extra rewards for yourself, including Cashbacks, win prizes including money whilst helping others without spending an extra cent!

The Goodwill Choice App allows you to purchase everyday products and services with lots of extra bonuses:


  • Australia-wide App
  • Free to download and use
  • Quailty, well known brands
  • Shop, save and receive rewards with our safe and secure processes
  • Receive rewards without direct links to your bank accounts or cards 
  • Additionally win free prizes including Cash
  • Pass on free donation money we give you to a cause of your choice
  • Note, we don't sell your data, so using our app has no unforseen consequences


We are an Australia-wide platform with many quality and well-known brands you know and trust, and purchasing these products via our app allows you to buy these goods directly from these brands AND still receive their discounts and offers. Additionally, Goodwill Choice gives you lots of extra benefits.


Your shopping spree is about to get a whole lot more rewarding. 


This platform marries the thrill of finding an exceptional deal with the thrill of giving. Think of us as an exclusive club that offers one-of-a-kind benefits, like jaw-dropping discounts, loyalty points, cashbacks, coupons, prizes and more. But what sets us apart is our charity app feature that makes you a philanthropist at no extra cost. You shop and simultaneously earn money for yourself and free donation money, and via our platform, you can pass funds onto your chosen causes. It's as simple and fulfilling as that! 


An additional consideration is the app can also be used for fundraising. We offer people a hassle-free way to receive support for campaigns; people can buy goods they need to support appeals thus no extra cost for them!

You can request a crowdfunding campaign (including charities, non-profits, sporting, school, community groups or specific individual and family appeals) or support an existing campaign, and you or your supporters can contribute by using our free donation money. No setup fees, no bank fees, we pass on 100% of funds raised!

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why goodwill choice?

People and charities need help and support

Our society circulates masses of money through the purchasing of goods and services. Goodwill Choice is a way for everyone to PASS our joint commercial success onto those who need it the most through integration into our everyday living.

Choice and Transparency

You can decide exactly which charity you donate to and where the money goes. 100% of the money you earn is sent to the charity of your choice!

Premium brands with premium objectives

All Goodwill Choice brands are of high quality and are consciously making an effort to support charities and create a positive impact on the world. Support them and support the world.

Reward yourself!

You’re doing a great thing by giving FREELY to others, so we believe you deserve to be given great things in return, for FREE! As you earn money for your charities, you earn Goodwill points that you can spend for free rewards!

Step One


Choose Goodwill Choice assocaited products/services 

Find out where you find can find these in the choose section of our website and either buy products with the Goodwill Choice label on the product or buy Goodwill Choice aligned brand products (without a label) online via the Goodwill Choice App. 

Step two


Scratch back the label & scan the code to earn for yourself & your cause. (online app purchases result in these rewards without the need to scan).

Each redemption of a label will earn Goodwill Points for you & Money to be given to a charity of your choice! Hunt down select products for hidden Bonus Points!

Goodwill Points earned can be spent at the Goodwill Store to acquire great products or even a FREE ticket into the Goodwill Lotto!

Step Three


Money earned and accumulated can be donated to a cause of your choice.

You get to make the choice of where the money goes and you see the impact of your donation. You choose a charity or cause you trust.

Earn experience for your profile with each donation. Level up, unlock badges and medals and share with your friends!




through Goodwill Choice

Goodwill Choice


Earn and Donate to your favourite causes – it’s free!

Every time you purchase and scan Goodwill Choice associated products or services you earn money - you then choose the charity or cause of your choice to donate to!

You also have the option to donate directly out of your own pocket to your chosen charity or cause via the Goodwill Choice App. Furthermore, you can support crowdfunding goals on the Goodwill Choice App - See the What's Happening section. Gather your family and friends to support these limited time goals to recieve badges and great rewards!

Help us make the world a better place.

charity and causes

It's your choice

If you do not already see your cause or charity of choice listed here, suggest it through the Goodwill Choice app!