Business Collaborations

Goodwill Choice is an Australia-wide platform, we seek to collaborate with quality brands including Australian businesses & sellers of quality Australian products & services.


We offer a unique cost-effective way to increase your store and/or online footprint & make extra sales.

Little work on your behalf (quick, easy & convenient process which benefits both you and your customers)

We don't link into your POS system or request credit card details from you or your customers so no security or privacy issues


You can use our QR Stickers to promote your products/services via any of these methods:


*Major Prizemoney or Product Competitions or

*Fundraising for any cause including school, sporting, community or individual GoFundMe type of appeals,

The above will see new people try your product/service and we also have a process whereby we encourage people to buy from you again.


Recognition & Reward in 3 easy steps

Step 1: receive our label’s

*you decide the cashback and/or donation amounts 

*no upfront cost and various sticker or card formats available to ensure so little work and easy to pass onto customers

*quick process - once you confirm order label's will be sent to you within a few days 


Step 2: In addition to the qr sticker campaign we promote your products/services & brand via various channels including localised social media sites. This is free marketing.


Step 3: a small fee applies after the product is sold, this allows us to pass on donations to charities or causes (with no fees for the cause/charity)


For further information including an explanation of the benefits a Goodwill Choice Partner product will receive please contact us: 


Email: or fill out the website contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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