What is Goodwill Choice?

Goodwill Choice is an innovative fundraising platform and cashback app, which includes instore and e-commerce products and services. It allows you to shop from a variety of brands and receive deals and additional rewards with each purchase.


How does Goodwill Choice Work?

When you shop on the Goodwill Choice app you receive amazing discounts and individual rewards like cashback and prizes. You simultaneously earn rewards for yourself and additional funds that can be passed onto worthy causes via our app. You do not anything extra for these donations and as mentioned below in some cases you can even claim them as a tax deduction.


I am new to Goodwill Choice; how do I start?

Getting started is easy. Download our app, sign up, and you are ready to shop, earn rewards. The app is free to download and use; it is available on Apple Store (iOS phone users) and Google Play Store (Android phone users). Alternatively using your phone, you can download via the links on our website home page or what we do page.


What kind of rewards can I earn?

With Goodwill Choice, you earn more than just great deals. You receive individual rewards like Cashbacks and prizes in addition to sale offers, discounts, and loyalty points from the brands you shop with. It's like double-dipping into a pool of benefits!


How is Goodwill Choice different from other Cashback sites?

Goodwill Choice doubles up as a charity and fundraising platform. We don't link your accounts to credit or bank accounts and we often additional rewards & bonuses, prizes, new products and you can also win additional money in the free entry Goodwill lotto feature on the app. The more you support us, the more we can give back to you and additionally the more that can be passed onto great causes.



Can I fundraise through Goodwill Choice?

Yes, you can! Goodwill Choice is not just a Cashback app but also a platform that supports fundraising initiatives. We aim to make it easy for individuals and communities to support causes they care about by shopping for products they usually buy.  More information on this is on the What We Do page.


Is the website and the Goodwill Choice app the same?

No, the website serves as an information hub. It is a great source of information on our associated products and brands, sponsor and supporter details and comprehensive charity information, including live updated donation amounts.

The app is the Goodwill Choice platform that allows you to scan, earn and donate to charities and causes. Along with earning points, redeeming rewards on the Goodwill store, entering the Goodwill lotto and more! Additionally, you can make purchases directly via the app.


How do I receive rewards?

Refer to Home Page and watch our explainer video! Additionally, some of Goodwill Choice merchants are affiliate merchant retailers. As shown in the explainer video our non-affiliate merchants will supply you with a Goodwill sticker (QR code to be scanned) when you purchase a product or service from them. However, with our affiliate merchants when you make a purchase online via our app once the purchase is confirmed to us we will update your rewards (goodwill points and goodwill donation money) automatically without the need to scan a label. Instead, we will send you an email letting you know this has been done.


How long does it take to receive my Goodwill Choice QR code for online affiliate purchases

Please be patient, it could take a while given your purchase needs to be confirmed as discussed below:

The premise of affiliate marketing is that in return for sending them a customer who completes a purchase on the retailer's website, the retailer pays us a commission. We use this commission to cover the donation amount we pass onto you plus it also covers our overhead costs including ensuring we have adequate products & prizes on the Goodwill store which you can redeem for free.

The relationship between us and retailers is facilitated by a 3rd party affiliate network who work with the retailer to provide the tracking and when purchase information is reported to us we will supply you with a Goodwill Choice QR code. We cannot track your purchases and we are not responsible if a purchase made via our app is not reported to us however in the unlikely event this does happen let us know and we will investigate it.


Where do I find Goodwill Choice labelled products?

Refer to Choose directory of the website and in app to see what products and services we have and where they are stocked.


Can labelled Goodwill Choice products and services be obtained online?

Yes, additionally our associated merchants sell these products and services in store or online.  Our website tells you where you can find them  - it’s your job to track these labels down to earn! Happy hunting!


What is the minimum age to use the Goodwill Choice App?

The minimum age to register is 13 years of age. However, we encourage parents to involve their children in the experience whilst maintaining control of the application itself.


Sometimes when I scanned an item I only receive a small amount of Goodwill Points and Donation Money. Why is this?

Goodwill Points and Money is based on the label tier (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) and also the value of the product you purchase. In some cases, you will only receive small mounts back, but it all adds up! You can accumulate in your digital wallet and then donate when you have a substantial amount. Additionally, sometimes you may receive bonus points when you scan so it is still worth scanning every Goodwill Choice labelled item you purchase.


What are bonus points?

When you scan a Goodwill Choice label you may receive extra rewards: Bonus points are scattered amongst select Goodwill Choice products and vary in size. See the Choose directory for products with active bonus points and hunt them down for your chance find a stack of hidden bonus points! Additionally, in some cases when your purchase products via our app which don't have a Goodwill Choice label on them we may also send you a bonus qr label by email which can be scanned on our app thus you will receive extra rewards.



How do I earn badges?

Badges can be earned from supporting and completing a goal within the given time frame. Each user has a personal qualifying amount they must give within this time to qualify for the badge, however it will only be received if the complete goal amount is achieved by all! It’s a collaborative effort. So, gather your friends and family to support the causes you care about most!


Is the App free to use?

Yes, all features are free to use! Even donating and purchasing rewards with your Goodwill Points!

When you purchase Goodwill Choice labelled products and services and scan the label you receive:

a) free Goodwill Points to redeem Goodwill store products and rewards or lotto tickets

b) free Donation Money to donate to charities/causes

You can accumulate Goodwill points and Goodwill money or use them straight away.

It’s also optional to directly donate out of your own pocket to charities or goals using your own money.


How can my business or product become associated with Goodwill Choice?

Goodwill Choice is proud to associate and partner with quality manufacturers and brands. If you would like to know more about becoming about a Goodwill Choice product, please contact us.



GOODWILL STORE - Obtain free products and free lotto tickets


Are Goodwill Store products and labelled Goodwill products different?

Yes, Goodwill labelled products are the brands and products we partner with that you will find in other stores. These are the products you scratch back and scan to earn.

Goodwill Store products are within our app and are REWARDS that you can redeem with your Goodwill Points!


Are Goodwill Store products new or used?

They are all brand new. Plus feel free to suggest any products you would like included in the  goodwill store.


How do I obtain Goodwill rewards and lotto tickets?

These can only be redeemed with your Goodwill Points by spending on the Goodwill Store.


How many tickets can I redeem per lotto?

As many as you can what based on the amount of Goodwill Points you have!


How to obtain Cashbacks?

You receive Cashbacks on purchases you make and each Goodwill Point is worth 10 cents thus you can redeem all or some of your Goodwill Points in the Goodwill Redeem Store on the App. After you submit a request for Cashback we get notified and within a few days or so you will receive an email from us to confirm the transaction and once we verify your details and receive your banking eft details we will process the payment. Note: when redeeming items on the app it will ask for an address - even for cashbacks & cash prizes please include this even though we are not sending the cash to you in the mail (it will be an eft to you).


How much can be won in lotto?

At present one winner is drawn each month. The winning amount depends on the lotto pool and gradually increases as Goodwill Choice products are purchased. The updated & final prize money amount along with the date it is to be drawn (based on end of month countdown) is shown on the lottery page of the app.


Do I get to keep all the winnings from the lotto?

Not exactly. You keep 50% of the winners and 50% you must donate to the charity of your choice. Everybody wins!


Who picks the lotto winner?

Draws are conducted by an authorised independent 3rd party within one to five working days after the draw has ended. (Government approved & certified in Australia). They use a computerised device to randomly pick numbers. Winners and losers will be notified and this information can also found on the lotto page itself.


Is my information shared to others if i buy tickets

No, they do not receive your personal details (they just receive a ticket number) thus they don't know which number this person is linked to.


Is delivery of products on the Goodwill Store free?

It can be. If you have enough Goodwill Points you can pay for delivery with your points. Otherwise you can elect to keep your extra points and use your own money to pay for delivery. The reward remains free!

If you don’t have enough points, paying freight may be preferable to you if we have limited stock of an item you are interested in!


Can I return Goodwill Store products?

In most cases no. These are quality new products and should be in immaculate condition so if you receive something that it faulty or has a problem please let us know and we will look into it and address the issue.

If there is damage, first determine if the damage was via freight and contact Australia Post if this appears to be the case. E.g. if the parcel or box appears damaged.





Where can I find out more about charities?

We include detailed information about each charity within the Goodwill Choice app and on our website. We realise some people are sceptical of donating and in some cases charities not using money appropriately. We seek more accountability from them and you can see what your donated funds are used for. See our Charity directory.


My favourite charity or cause is not listed in the Goodwill Choice app, why?

If you do not see your charity or cause of choice listed when searching in the app, please hit the suggest charity button and let us know. We will verify that the charity or cause is genuine and liaise with them to approve listing.

Until your charity of choice is listed, keep scanning labels and accumulating money. We will notify you when they are added so you can make your donation!


Where does the donation money come from?

Goodwill Choice is a social profit-for-purpose entity. We form partnerships with quality brands and products which result in a donation amount for each item sold. This is mutually beneficial system for the product, the consumer, charities and Goodwill Choice! Everybody wins!


Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, any amount you donate (including Goodwill Choice donations derived from when you scan a label or direct donations on the Goodwill Choice app) will result in you receiving a receipt from the charity you nominated (provided they are registered as a tax deductible recipient and the amount is $2 or more).

This receipt may not may be immediate as Goodwill Choice distributes these funds monthly. Unless the charity approves Goodwill Choice's third party receipt to you, the receipt will not come from Goodwill Choice but the charity itself. If you have not received receipt within a month, please contact the charity you donated to directly.

Out of pocket direct donations are sent to the charity on an ongoing basis so you should receive these receipts quicker.


If I make my own out of pocket direction donations does it all go to my charity?

Yes, 100% of your donation goes to your charity (we do not take any fees out)


What happens if I don’t donate my Goodwill Money?

In your money history page, you will see that each scan has an expiry date. Don’t worry, we will let you know when the date is looming, however, if you do not donate that particular redeemed amount by the expiry date, it is automatically donated to the brand’s (seller of product or service) chosen default charity.


How can I get a crowdfunding goal listed?

If you have a cause you believe is worthy of a goal listing, please contact us to express your interest and let us know why!

Unlike most other crowding funding platforms, Goodwill Choice does not take fees or charge you. You and your supporters can either raise money via goodwill money (purchasing products) and/or direct donations knowing that more money is going to the cause.

Unfortunately, we cannot list every cause that is suggested, however, we will do our best to support everyone we can.

Note: Goodwill will not approve crowd funding activities that are aimed at personal needs and not in the spirit of charitable giving. We review all requests and may ask for further information to validate your request.  





Is the app safe and secure to use?

Yes, your personal data is protected – refer to our Privacy Policy.


I have forgotten my password.

You can reset your password via the sign in screen or your account settings.


Can I update my personal details and preferences?

Yes, navigate to your account / profile settings to do so.


When I share to social media will people see all my account information?

No, we take your privacy seriously. You will see the contents of each post before you share.

We encourage you to share as it helps promote your cause!

What is the leader board ranking based on?

Every time you donate Goodwill Money you earn ‘experience points” (this does not include any out of pocket direct donations you choose to make) thus your raking is based on experience points.


I prefer my name not being on the leader board or activity feed.

We realise some people prefer to remain anonymous. Go to your account details and you toggle this option to disable this.


Can I skip registration on the App?

Yes, you can register manually, via Facebook or Google or you can navigate the application without being registered. To use any key features however, you must sign up.


I accidentally entered the wrong D.O.B. what do I do?

Please contact us and we will amend this.


When I register and include my personal details will they be passed onto 3rd parties.

No, your data is private and only your name, email address and donation amount will be passed onto your chosen charities thus you can obtain tax deductible receipts. However they are provided to the charity on the condition it's not used for other purposes.


What sort of payment is accepted for out of pocket donations or optional freight? 

Stripe accepts various Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB)


How secure is stripe?

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.



Have another question? Please contact us!