About Us

innovating impact

We created Goodwill Choice to benefit everyone. To support premium brands, reward great, selfless people and most of all, generate funds to donate to those less fortunate and in need.

We understand not everyone with good intent in mind is in a position to donate on a regular basis. We've created Goodwill Choice to remove that barrier and enable them to do so.

Goodwill Choice is an Australian owned & operated business.

Goodwill Choice is a way to better the world by making a positive choice in your normal everyday living even if you don't have the financial means or time to commit further help. We raise funds passively without hassling people but rewarding them instead!

In addition to receiving free money for their favourite causes our app users receive cashbacks, free products, money and prizes for themselves or use the app for GoFundMe type appeals and instead of hassling people you can get them to support you buy buying goods they would normally buy thus there is no cost for them to support you.

We also welcome sporting, school, community groups or specific individual appeals. In contrast to a lot of other fundraising platforms we have no setup or bank fees & pass on 100% of funds raised onto the charity or cause.  


Change the World, One Purchase at a Time

Our mission is twofold:

to offer a memorable shopping experience with abundant rewards and

to build a community of shoppers who, through their everyday purchases contribute to noble causes without spending an extra cent.

Enjoy the joy of bagging a great deal with the satisfaction of making a difference!

We have focused on creating a platform that not only showers its users with rewards also gives back to the community.

Our goal is to create a brand and reputation which people trust and are willing to support, knowing their association with us has positive outcomes for many.