About Us

innovating impact

We created Goodwill Choice to benefit everyone. To support premium brands, reward great, selfless people and most of all, generate funds to donate to those less fortunate and in need.

We understand not everyone with good intent in mind is in a position to donate on a regular basis. We've created Goodwill Choice to remove that barrier and enable them to do so.

Goodwill Choice was created as we wanted to address the issue that genuine charities & causes find it hard to get continual donations to achieve desired outcomes that benefit our communities. Goodwill Choice a way to better the world by making a positive choice in your normal everyday living even if you don't have the financial means or time to commit further help.

We also welcome sporting, school, community groups or specific individual appeals. In contrast to a lot of other fundraising platforms we pass on 100% of funds raised onto the charity or cause.

In general, we realise a lot of people have lost their trust in charities, however, there are a vast number of charities and causes that are worthy of help. We also acknowledge that many individuals, organisations, and community groups already significantly support genuine charities and causes, yet there is still more to be done.

The problem is the cost of helping is significant and current ways of raising funds are inefficient.

Many people are directly affected by and feel strongly about specific causes and would like to be able to help more than they currently than do but are unable to due to financial or time constraints. We bridge that gap by way of financial assistance through passive donations generated through the sales choice of consumers and thanks to positive purchasing decisions. We empower people to donate to a cause or charity through brand awareness, affiliation, and brand choice.



Goodwill Choice presents the solution and enables more people support charities and great causes. We provide people with the choice of where they donate whilst providing a method that will not put any additional financial constraints on them. Additionally, people want greater transparency and to see the impact of their donations. They would prefer not to be approached on the street or cold called on the phone and being made felt obligated to donate. We instead raise funds passively without hassling people but rewarding them instead! The positive and conscious purchasing choices have a favourable impact on their lives, the lives of others and our environment too.



Provide a better way to donate

Our goal is to create a brand and reputation which people trust and are willing to support, knowing that their association with us has positive outcomes for many.



To revolutionise the way we impact the world globally through donations.

Goodwill Choice aims to be the global leaders in third party contributions to charities and causes. Through creative marketing strategies, innovation, and technology we seek to create greater connections in both business and charities world-wide.

There are enough problems in the world, we are here to continuously innovate more solutions.