Does your cause need help - we raise passive donations at no cost to you.

Goodwill Choice Charity & Cause Collaborations:  We raise passive donations at no cost to the charity.

Goodwill Choice was created as we wanted to address the issue that genuine charities & causes find it hard to get continual donations to achieve desired outcomes that benefit our communities.

You can also nominate crowdfunding campaigns on the app to raise money for charities or a cause (including sporting, school, community group or so specific appeals)

This is fantastic way that you can get your family friends to support you as by buying a goodwill choice associated product they can contribute to your cause. (USE THE CONTACT US TAB ON THE APP OR WEBSITE TO SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST

We passively raise funds for great charities & causes at no cost to the charity or cause.

We are transparent, we don't  hassle people to donate and we pass on 100% of donations without taking out fees.

Every sale of a goodwill associated product or service results in a donation plus

we also pass on 100% of app direct donations and run crowdfunding events to promote & raise funds. 

Is your charity or cause looking for extra help, email: