12 reasons to download the Goodwill Choice App

12 reasons to download the Goodwill Choice App

1) Goodwill Choice was created as want to address the issue that genuine charities/causes fund it hard to obtain continual donations to achieve desired outcomes that benefit our communities. This is a great way you can support your favourite causes even if you don't have the financial means or time to commit further help. We don't hassle you to donate, we reward you!

2) It is free to download & use the Goodwill Choice App (you don’t have to include your bank/credit cards details- select SKIP if asked)

3) Obtain quality products & great deals: Look at the product directory on the Goodwill Choice app to see where you can find goodwill associated brands & products.  We are continually added quality brands so or even contact us if your involved in brand or charity which is a good fit with us

4) Each time you purchase goodwill associated products & services you accumulate free goodwill money for you and

5) receive free donation money for your preferred causes or charities

6) Use your Goodwill points to obtain free tickets in the monthly goodwill lotto or 

7) redeem your Goodwill points for free items on the Goodwill store section of the app. (all items are new)

8)  It is also possible to receive additional rewards including free new products, prizes, and money for obtaining badges or advancing levels on the app.

9)  Goodwill Choice gives you money to donate and you can even claim this as a tax deduction if made to a registered charity!

10) Choose your favourite charity or cause: If you do not already see IT listed, suggest it in the donation section of the app by typing in the name of your cause/charity in the search box and if it does not appear select & then fill out the Suggest Organisation box.

11) You also have the option to donate using your own funds, 100% of these funds are transferred to your nominated causes (no fees taken out) and the App keeps a record all your donations which is handy come tax time!

12) You can also nominate crowdfunding campaigns on the app to raise money for charities or a cause (including sporting, school, community group or so specific appeals) No fees incurred. This is a fantastic way that you can get your friends & family to support you as by buying a Goodwill Choice associated product or service they can contribute to your cause. (Use the Contact Us tab on the app or website to submit your request)